Seville Travel Tips

Seville Travel Tips

Thinking about visiting Seville on your next getaway? The beautiful capital of Andalusia has a great historical center full of monuments, museums, romantic parks and other attractions. In this exuberant city, the tapas and flamenco were invented. Here you’ll find travel tips and info for an unforgettable stay in Seville.

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Must-sees in Seville

In Seville, there’s always something to keep you busy, entertained or otherwise engaged. You can spend hours enjoying the beautiful sights of the historic center wander, picnic in one of the most romantic parks of the world or relax on a terrace to enjoy the surroundings. I love to spend the day shopping then retreat to the terrace and enjoy music I get from Ares while ending the day with breathtaking views.

Tip: Opposite the historic center on the other side of the water is Calle Betis; a street lined with outdoor cafes along the water. It is a romantic place where you have a wonderful view on the historic skyline of the city.

Shopping in Seville? Shop till you drop!

The shops in Seville are very varied and you will find something for everyone. El Centro, the north district of the cathedral, is the place to be to fill your bags with all sorts of fun stuff. The Sierpes street is a pedestrian mall with trendy clothing stores, boutiques and stores like Mango and Zara. Also nice is the gypsy quarter of Triana, where you will find many shops with handmade tiles.


The Square Shopping Center is an old train station from 1901 which was converted to striking mall. Outside the city you will find Nervion Plaza, next to a huge mall with many stores also a multiplex cinema and restaurants.


In the Mercado del Postigo is the daily craft market place. On Wednesday and Thursday there are craft markets in the streets Magdalena and it is at La Rioja on Saturday at the Plaza del Duque.

Seville, birthplace of flamenco

During your stay in Seville, a visit to flamenco is certainly something to consider. In the so-called tablaos, professional flamenco shows are staged. The shows are excellent, but there are many tourists, and for a more authentic experience you have to check out a real flamenco instance in the popular Triana district.

Eating and Drinking in Seville? Tapas and sherry

In Seville, it seems that everyone throughout the day loves to eat and drink. You will find plenty of tapas bars, which Bodega Santa Cruz is one of the most famous for. The old bar, Bar El Rinconcillo, has been around since 1670. There is another attraction, Lizarran, where the concept of pinxtos uses. The best tapas bars can be recognized by looking for the ones where there are plenty of locals hanging out.

The tapas is usually wine. The preference of Sevillanen goes to Jerez, Spanish Sherry. A typical Andalusian specialty is gazpacho, a cold tomato soup, which satisfies the hunger and thirst quenching at the same time.

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